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Download WSN Software Directory 11.2.45 or Get WSN Software Directory for Wordpress

WSN Software Directory version 11.2.45 was released on Saturday, September 17, 2022.

What makes WSN Software Directory special?

WSN Software Directory comes with a database of over 15,000 software programs, all of which automatically update their listings when they get new releases. Filter these down to the types of programs you want for a good head start on your software repository.

WSN Software Directory fully supports the PAD (portable application description) format, which means you can download thousands more PAD files from the internet and easily add them. PAD takes the work out of entering and updating the details of programs — all the program info is stored at the PAD URL and automatically interpreted by WSN Software Directory, and automatically checked for updates as well.

So you've got a thriving web directory, and now you want to make money from it. WSN Software Directory can help there, too. The built in ads system helps you create ad slots and rotate your banners, and tracks your clickthrough rates for you. Monetize submitters by encouraging them to pay to prioritize or enhance listings. Monetize special membership perks with the usergroup sponsorship system.

WSN Software Directory automates many tasks, freeing you up to be more productive. Duplicate prevention and reciprocal link verifications and warnings are automatic (when enabled). The dead link checker finds deceased listings while the content checker finds domains that have changed to bad stuff. Automatic blocking of known spammers (from a third party database) and options to block visits or registrations by geographical location take the work out of dealing with spam. Automated backups protect you from mistakes. Whatever workload can't be automated can be shared with assigned moderators and administrators.

Take what you want, leave what you don't. WSN Software Directory organizes features under switches which you can turn on and off instantly. If you don't want something, just turn it off and it won't clutter your view any longer. You also get a faster site by turning off what you don't need.

Will your requirements change someday down the road? Do you just like to tinker? If you want to go beyond the thousands of features already present, the powerful templates system is just the start. The plugins and modifications system make it easy to make powerful additions and changes to functionality without any upgrade problems. The generic widget system lets you design your own database table and add, edit and view the records via WSN Software Directory — no programming required!

You need a partner who will be there for you as your business grows. Most web scripts are abandoned by their developers within a year or fall behind as the web evolves. We've been actively developing and supporting the WSN PHP scripts since 2002, and will continue for decades to come. From free installation service and free site inspection service to lightning fast bug fixes and in-depth support from the developer and any paid modifications you may need, we've got you covered! Rest easy knowing you'll always be safe from attackers with perpetual free security updates and an automated updates system. Future-proof your website with WSN Software Directory!