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Want to make a software downloads site? WSN Software Directory is a full-featured software respository script. Includes two packages of tens of thousands of listings to help your downloads site hit the ground runnning. Take full advantage of the PAD file format for easy maintenance. WSN scripts have powered websites for more than a decade, so you can count on support in the decades to come.

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I get great SEO scores on the validators. The admin panel even has a separate category for SEO. Rewriting is taken to a fine art in this script, as well as many other SEO techniques.
— zac439

WSN Software Directory version 9.1.7 was released on Wednesday, January 28, 2015 with these changes:

  • Fixed category fields on live category change.
  • Fixed integer field search issues.
  • Fixed jquery ui close button image.
  • Made file uploader delete button adapt to themes.
  • Added addtohtaccessextras pluggable function.
  • Widened admin menu on small screens.
  • Converted custom page titles from 7.1 era.
  • Thumbshots now default sized to default thumbnail size.
  • Coupon codes can now be restricted to particular sponsorship levels.
  • Field manager option to make people choose yes before filling out field.
  • New filtering options for maps template variables.
  • Option to set where to demote autopromoted links of sponsored members to.

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